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Coming Soon: Divorce Corp the Movie in 2014

The documentary Movie, Divorce Corp Debuts

Family Law Professionals Beware:  A new documentary set to debut on January 10, 2014, purports to expose appalling excesses and injustices rampant in the U.S. family law system.

The documentary, Divorce Corp, portrays the American divorce litigation system as a multi-billion dollar industry that takes advantage of vulnerable people and leaves a world of pain in its wake…for the parties involved and often, most tragically, for their children.

If you don’t live in one of the thirty or so cities that will be screening the film this week, you can still catch a glimpse. There are 8 trailers available on Youtube, each focusing on a different “shocking truth” about the divorce litigation process.

The beginning

You might begin with this trailer and then progress through the others.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, only the trailers so far.  Needless to say, the trailers don’t give the full picture and I certainly cannot comment on the accuracy of facts and content.

Regardless of the controversy, this film stirs up in the professional community, I would like to highlight this important point:  Most people are unaware of the unintended consequences of divorce litigation.

Most people have no idea what goes on in the divorce litigation process until they go through it. Many are shocked to find that things can spiral completely out of their control as they engage in a system that often creates more conflict than it resolves.

Reforming the Family Court System

It’s clear from the trailers that Divorce Corp advocates reforming the system to better serve families. Until that happens, there is still a way for people going through divorce to stay out of the family court system and maintain control over their lives. Mediation and collaborative law offer viable ways to get divorced without engaging in the litigation process at all. This Divorce Corp trailer promotes out-of-court approaches to divorce whenever possible.

Mediation is gaining momentum across the country as more people are choosing to handle their divorce in a private setting where they can get professional help finding creative solutions that work.  At the same time, they are able to preserve their savings, maintain their dignity and protect their children’s well-being – all of which is often impossible in the litigation system.

The film is likely to spark debate and criticism from a host of professionals and others who benefit from the system. Certainly, it will invite public dialog about how families in transition can be better served. At the very least, viewers may not be so easily tempted into litigation with inflated expectations of more money or custody – and instead, embrace the possibility that mothers, fathers, and children can all “win” in a non-adversarial system.


  1. Mark Roseman says:

    Counselor, i am.very proud of you for announcing the film, Divorce Corp, and also urging people to be aware of the grave consequences if most divorce litigation.

    Kol hakovod! All the power to you.

    Let us like minded professionals work to educate society of its vulnerabilities, especially those resulting from family court.

    Where is your practice?

    Be well,
    Dr. Mark Roseman

  2. Ed Ketchen says:

    Well done, Eileen!

  3. Phyllis Lessans says:

    Just saw one trailer. This is scary. I’m glad you offer mediation….you’re right IT MATTERS!!!
    I’m also very, very thankful that my marriage and those of my children are terrifc and that none of us will need to face this nightmare.


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