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Eileen was able to hear both sides of a discussion, distill the key points and guide the way toward a resolution that worked for both of us. Her calm and empathic manner helped to maintain a results-oriented focus in the discussions. Her expertise in both law and personal communication is a potent combination. I trust her skills and judgment.

Anne Cordell Moriarty, Olney, MD

Thank you for helping us make progress that had not been possible before working with you. From our very first meeting, your ability to keep us focused on the process, rather than the hard feelings associated with divorce, allowed us to come up with a plan that worked for both of us and our children. I will continue to refer you to my friends in need.

L.R., Bethesda, MD

I’ve felt invisible and unheard for so long in my marriage, but in mediation with you, I felt heard. Not just by you but also by [my spouse]! That was astonishing to me and fills me with gratitude.  I appreciated your thoroughness and patience, even helping me process how to approach difficult conversations with my traumatized children. You have a gift with people, and I’m sure your own children know that better than anyone.

M.J., Washington, DC

Thank you so much for everything, Eileen. Working with you has been really fantastic.  This process could have been much more complicated, but your patience and understanding really helped make this easier. I will forever be grateful.

G.G., Bethesda, MD

Your advice, from the beginning, to keep the kids front and center, really helped. All three kids are doing well and I am so proud of them for the way they have handled the changes. Most importantly, [their father and I] are able to communicate in a respectful manner on an almost daily basis – a major miracle that you enabled. Thank you again for all your help during the most difficult time in our lives.

R.S., Rockville, MD

I can’t thank you enough for your help. You made a difficult life transition much easier to deal with… I can say that for the first time, my siblings and I now work cooperatively together as a team to support our mom.

W.S., Washington, DC

Eileen is considerate, compassionate, and empowering. She was able to bring two people with very different views together, in a respectful manner, to solve a major conflict in one session. Thank you for providing us with strategies for the most difficult situations.

R.B., Gaithersburg, MD

Eileen’s calm and understanding manner put us at ease and gave us hope that we really could work things out, even though the most difficult times. I’m very grateful for the guidance and service Eileen provided. I highly recommend her!

B.W., Herndon, VA

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