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Links & Resources for Divorce

The better informed you are about navigating separation and divorce, the more effectively you’ll be able to negotiate a settlement that works. There are many excellent resources for divorce available about separation, divorce, co-parenting and parallel parenting, effective communication, mediation, and alternative processes. Many of the following books are available to borrow from my office Library. There are also links below to useful online resources.

Books for Adults

Books for Children

Blogs & Articles

Name Change


Step Families

Military Families


Defense Finance Accounting Service – https://www.dfas.mil/

Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA) – https://www.military.com/benefits/military-legal-matters/uniformed-services-former-spouse-protection-overview.html

Walter Reed Family Support Center – https://walterreed.tricare.mil/About-Us/Military-Onboarding/Fleet-Family-Support-Center-FFSC

Walter Reed MWR – http://www.navymwrbethesda.com/programs/ad85db55-661a-41a2-9aa2-44a5e0aad68d

Fort Meade Family Service Center – https://www.cnic.navy.mil/ffr/family_readiness/fleet_and_family_support_program.html

Servicemembers Live Chat | Military Crisis Line – Veterans Crisis Line – https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/?gclid=CMu_1JKqhNQCFdgDgQodP5kNRw


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