Eileen Coen Mediation
The road you take makes all the difference.

Professional Partners

While in mediation, sometimes people choose to enlist additional professional experts as needed to advise or assist them through the process. If you choose to, you may select your own advisors or work with one of the professionals that I know has the experience and skills to guide you.

These professionals may include:

Attorneys for legal advice and drafting of legal documents

CDFAs (Certified Divorce Financial Advisors) for complex tax and financial matters and/or retirement planning

Mental health professionals for coaching or managing emotions so you can remain productively engaged in the conflict resolution process

Child development specialists for questions about what’s in the best interest of infants, toddlers, adolescents and children with special needs

Career counselors for those looking to transition careers or re-enter the work force

Co-mediators for those desiring a team approach to mediation

Mortgage Agents for those seeking to re-finance or purchase a home

Insurance Agents for those seeking to insure support obligations, life, disability, health or long-term care


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